A Personal Note From Larry…

Dr. Larry Markson

The Cabin Experience is a 3 day – Breaking Free – Personal Freedom Retreat held in a log cabin hotel, located right in the middle of fantastically beautiful Salmon Lake, Montana.

Affectionately called “The Cabin” it is an intense and amazing, totally interactive personal growth conclave, designed to get you in touch with your inner self, while showing you how to successfully deal with your past, handle the present and invent a future that works for your benefit – deliberately and on purpose.

The Personal Freedom acquired at The Cabin Experience will enable you to gain courage, make instant decisions and fulfill more of YOUR dreams – and do all of it without guilt, anger, blame, worry or fear! Never again will another person or past event rule over who you are and what you can or cannot do.

You will find that The Cabin Experience is not about me teaching you anything, or you learning something didactic that will save your life or improve it – this event is about insight and how you can use the insight gained here to move you along on your journey toward Happiness, Fulfillment and Freedom, which is what we all want in the first place. 

This Experience is not full of negatives that will depress you, nor is it a pep rally meant to artificially build you up temporarily and make you feel better so you feel you got your money’s worth. Instead it is about making the discoveries, the distinctions and acknowledgements that will allow you to change course at any time in your life – allow you to reach higher, up toward light, and allow you to achieve your hearts desire.

Are you ready to begin and trust the process?  Are you committed – totally committed and passionate about building a NEW YOU?  If the answer is yes, then The Cabin Experience is for you!

Call me personally and let’s chat for a few minutes – 516 318-1444





"Concept and vision changing!"
Tom Smith, D.C.